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Caring For Fused and Stained Glass Art

Your handcrafted, stained glass piece is easy to care for.

To clean, wipe and buff gently with a dry microfiber cloth, taking great care around painted areas. You may use water on the cloth, if you wish, and dry the piece with a microfiber towel.

Most items are ok to display indoors or outdoors; I suggest bringing them inside in bad weather and extremely cold weather. 

Solder and lead may darken over time. This is a natural part of oxidization and will not affect the structure. If your piece is not patinaed black or copper, you may buff the silver solder with 0000 (very fine) steel wool to rebrighten the solder (this will not scratch the glass, in fact, it will brighten the glass as well!). Doing so with black or copper patinaed solder will take off the black or copper patina, so should be avoided.

To hang, avoid using suction cups as they are not a guarantee. Use hardware such as sturdy tea cup screws, which can be screwed into the wood frame of a window or a wall. Hang your piece with sturdy wire or chain. If using fishing line, replace often.

Stained glass art is made with lead products, which is not harmful unless consumed or inhaled. It's a good idea to wash your hands after handling and keep out of reach of people sensitive to lead (like children) and pets.